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We make doing your laundry simple. We can save your time, so you can enjoy doing the things you love. We can save you money on soap, water, heating and electricity. So you can enjoy even more of the things you love. Our prices are simple and affordable.

Discount Dry Cleaners 24-hour drop box allows guests to drop off their items for cleaning anytime of the day. The items will be promptly cleaned by our team and picked up at your convenience. Ask one of our employees for an express bag to begin using this service.
Discount Dry Cleaners will complete your alterations in approximately 1 — 3 business days.Discount Dry Cleaners will complete your alterations in approximately 1 — 3 business days.
Discount Dry Cleaners secure locker system allows guests to pick up their orders during non-business hours. Guests can access the lockers anytime, day or night with a unique 7-digit code.
Garments dropped off by 9 am on business days will be cleaned and ready for pick-up after 5 pm on the same business day.
No. In fact, the opposite is true. When a garment is cleaned in water, the yarns swell causing the clothing to receive more agitation in the washing process. This does not occur with dry cleaning, therefore prolonging the life of your garment.
Some spots adhere to the fabric or dye in such a way that the spot removal process needed to break down the stain may also break down the fabric or dye, thereby ruining the garment. When we discover this type of stain, our policy is to stop attempting to remove it before any damage to the garment occurs. We always call the customer before attempting any additional measures.
Mustard gets its signature yellow color by the addition of turmeric. Turmeric is also used as a dye which is why it is so difficult to remove. Along with the yellow hue the stain may also contain grease give that mustard is commonly used on burgers and hot dogs
Dry cleaning is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles using an solvent other than water. Special solvents and soaps are used so as not to harm fabrics and dyes that will not withstand the effects of ordinary soap and water. This process is gentler than regular washing because it reduces the possibility of shrinkage and/or color loss.
The hydrocarbon solvents that fell out of favor in the 1940’s were derived from petroleum or gasoline feed stock. The flash points of the early hydrocarbons were very low, meaning that the solvents did not have to be heated much before explosive vapors would form. Early hydrocarbons contained aromatics like benzene and toluene that we now know are hazardous to humans.

Today’s hydrocarbon dry cleaning solvents are a far cry from the ones used all those years ago. They are synthetically manufactured products, which means that their high purity can be guaranteed. Their physical properties can also be carefully controlled, so they can be sold under tight specifications. They have a much higher flash point than those of the 1940’s, which translates into increased safety since the chances that the solvent will form explosive vapors are minimized. Combined with the safety systems engineered into the dry cleaning machine, today’s hydrocarbons are a safe choice as a dry cleaning solvent.
The hydrocarbon solvents used today, with their high purity, are completely safe for the environment, as well as for laundry service employees and customers. Bacteria in the soil will naturally degrade the hydrocarbons, and exposure tests in aquatic systems show no fish kills when hydrocarbon solvents are introduced.
The same hydrocarbons that are sold today for use in dry cleaning are also sold in the personal care market. They are used in makeup, hand cleaners, lotions, and dozens of other cosmetic products. In addition, they are approved for use in direct food contact applications, such as beet sugar manufacture and vegetable cleaning.


These types of garments are sensitive to perfume, deodorant, perspiration, hair spray, food and beverages. Avoid prolonged contact with any of these substances, which can result in discoloration of the fabric. We recommend cleaning after each wear. Also, have all matching pieces of an outfit cleaned together to maintain consistency of appearance.
Regular cleaning will help keep dust, smoke and contaminates out of your drapes, providing for a longer life expectancy. Prolonged sun exposure and moisture that forms on windows and comes in contact with the drapes can cause problems. The sun can cause the fabric to rot, which will result in shredding when the drape is pulled or cleaned. Water from the window can cause stains and dark rings when the water dries. If cleaned immediately, these stains usually will come out. Otherwise, this type of damage may be irreversible depending on the type and color of the material.
It is important to clean and preserve wedding gowns as soon as possible after the event. Drink and food stains left in the dress will begin to oxidize and because of the fancy ornamentation on most dresses, removing stains becomes more difficult. After cleaning, store your wedding gown in a climate-controlled space. Never store in a hot or humid place like an attic. The heat will cause even a clean dress to turn brown.
If you spill something on a garment, always Blot That Spot, but do not rub. Rubbing some fabrics, especially silk, breaks down the fibers. Sometimes you won’t know until you wash or dryclean that item and you find a frosted or chalky appearance
The most important thing to do is to clean your clothes before storing them. There could be invisible residues of food, perspiration and things like pollen, various types of pollution from the atmosphere left in the clothes. These types of things will attract moths to the clothes whose larvae can eat at the fabric. Moths are also attracted to natural fibers such as wool, silk, etc., so we suggest that they be stored in mothproof bags.

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